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Police Federation of England and Wales response to BBC story on increase in number of officers on sick leave due to mental health issues.

The latest edition of Police magazine is now available to view online. To see what this months's addition has to offer please visit Member Services > Member News > Police Magazine - April 2016

Please see the below COSMOS Overview with the aim to investigate possible long-term health risks associated with use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies.

COSMOS Overview (PDF)

Dear Colleagues,

I would be really grateful if you would just take a moment to read this, particularly the part about Brian Pallant.

Last year many of you suffered from PTSD caused by the sight of me in my Cycling gear and being put through my paces by the Deputy Treasurer. He has told me that an essential part of training is Hill work and if there is one thing that Geoff can find in Surrey, it is hills!!!!!

Following the successful pilot programme in 2014/15 with six Federations, Third Pillar of Health invited each of the remaining Police Federations in England and Wales to participate in a second round of a study to examine the extent, impact and causes of tiredness and fatigue in police officers and to explore a number of possible solutions that might help improve their health, performance and resilience with a view to reducing sickness absence and enabling officers to continue to provide the best possible service to the public.