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An informative workshop is to be held at Hertfordshire Headquarters next month to give information and advice around dealing with the menopause.

‘Menopause Monologues’ will be held in OSB1 on Wednesday, June 15 (1pm to 3pm) and is open to anyone who is interested in finding out more, including line managers and men seeking advice on how to support their partners.

To celebrate the launch of our new, exclusive police Facebook page – we will be giving away an iPad to one lucky winner. The winner is to be announced on Friday June 3rd.

Due to recent confusion with the Help to buy equity scheme I hope the following information , clarity and a point of contact will be of help to you.

For more information please visit Member Services > Mortgages /Housing > Help to Buy


You may or may not be aware that for the past 7 months I have been fighting breast cancer. The condition was found early and the prognosis is excellent now that I have completed chemotherapy.

The sad news is that the same is not the case for many men, not only with regard to breast cancer which many men are unaware that they can catch, but from cancer in general. The reason for this is that men tend to be less likely to react to a change in their bodies and as a result the survival rates for cancer in men are lower than for women.

A national Federation circular has been placed on the Federation website, in the restricted members area.

Many of you may be aware of the issue that has been through the courts from Devon and Cornwall where officers from their source management unit sought correct compensation for being recalled to duty under various circumstances.