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Dear colleague,

Below is my response to today’s announcement and ratification by the Home Secretary of the PRRB report. It will be on the website shortly.

We had been assured by the Home Office that we would see the report at 1030 today, yet we found out like everyone else, via a statement from the Treasury. This was wholly unacceptable and we finally received sight of the report at lunchtime.

Please be advised that the mobile phone and gadget insurer has made a change to the excess applied to claims. The standard excess until now was £50 but with immediate effect the following applies:

The Annual Public Value report for 2016 is now available.....

‘RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “The fuel shortage situation in France caused by industrial action is unfortunately worsening. Initially the problems were focussed on northern France from Brittany to Calais, but we are now getting reports from the central, western and southern regions of the country too.

Anyone currently in France is going to struggle to find fuel for their return journey and probably shouldn’t even attempt to get home unless they can do so on one tank. We suspect finding somewhere to fill up in the worst affected areas will be extremely difficult.