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Some of the key headline statistics include:

Calum Macleod, Vice-Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales said:

“This is very welcome news which will be a morale boost for emergency service workers in England and Wales.

The Police Federation nationally have sent an open letter addressed to the Prime Minister.

The Hertfordshire Police Federation, on behalf of its members, have taken the relevant points pertinent to Hertfordshire from that open letter and sent this Hertfordshire specific version to local MPs on behalf of those officers in Hertfordshire and their families, many of whom will be their constituents.

Click here to view the letter (PDF)

Dear Vojislav,

Thank you for your email.

Of course all public-sector workers are amongst the most hardworking people in our society. The Government is committed to ensuring that the overall package for public sector workers recognises the vital contribution they make and ensures that it can deliver world class public services, while also being affordable within the public finances and fair to taxpayers. In all honesty, the only reason we can afford to have this pay increase for the police is because over the last few years difficult decisions were taken to put this country's finances back on the right footing.

There must be a balanced approach to public spending, dealing with our debts to keep our economy strong while also making sure we invest in our public services. I am pleased that police officers up and down the country will be rewarded for their hard work with a pay increase that I believe to be sensible.
In response to your point on MP's pay, the rise was decided by IPSA, which is an independent body so MP’s didn’t have a say. The government formally expressed its opposition to an increase in a letter as many MP's did not agree with it. I donated my pay rise to local charities for this reason as did a number of my colleagues. The recent police pay increase comes in light of independent recommendations made by the Police Remuneration Review Body and the Senior Salaries Review Body.

I can understand your frustrations, however if you would like to discuss this further I would suggest contacting your own constituency MP directly.

Many thanks once again for getting in touch.



Dear Prime Minister

On behalf of the hard working officers who are working to the bone to protect our people, who fight to protect our communities and who keep you safe, we demand answers.

And we demand that you tell the public the truth. About crime figures. About police numbers. About the ‘extra’ officers you pledge. About ‘extra’ money you say you will pay.